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Tik Tok tricks to improve your videos

There is no doubt that the massification in the use of Tik Tok is accelerating more and more, leaving behind the days of experimentation when it appeared as musically, thanks to the multiple options offered by this platform to apply effects with which you can alter the appearance and reproduction of your videos, allowing you to get different styles.
For this reason, the following article will reveal the best tricks of Tik Tok to guide you in the use of the functions that this platform puts at your disposal and thus get the best out of them at the time of creating your videos.

Switch between the rear and front camera

This trick is exclusive for Android users in which, when using the Tik Tok application, if you want to alternate the use of the rear camera by the front you must click twice on the screen when you have the camera activated.

Upload several elements of our gallery

Among the tricks of Tik Tok that we can apply is the possibility of importing audiovisual content that we have created with other apps.
For it, you will have to click on the icon with the symbol + to activate the camera with Tik Tok. Then click on the Upload option and then there at the bottom, click on the option Select several.
This will allow you to choose one or more videos from your gallery and then edit them and upload them directly to your profile.

Change the color of your eyes during recording

To apply this Tik Tok trick to your video while recording you must choose the corresponding option in the Filters section which you can use through the transitions.
This means that when your eye color is detected by the filter it will change them automatically. You can take advantage of this filter to create a transition by adding style to the color change effect, either by using your hand to cover the camera or by passing it in front of your eyes to reveal the color in them.

Combine effects in one recording

This feature is one of the most appreciated among Tik Tok tricks, since, you may have the opportunity to combine filters during the recording time of a video to create the feeling of watching several videos in one.
You just have to hold down the recording button to change the filter making the recording start again. Applying this trick will require agility and mastery to get the expected result.

Tik Tok tricks: filter and time effects

The effects corresponding to the filter and the time represent the essential functions of Tik Tok in which once you have acquired the domain over them you will be able to make very original and great quality videos
In the Special effects section, you can find very interesting functions with which you can apply an inversion to the video or generate a slow-motion effect.


To use the zoom during recording you must slide your finger on the screen up or down making sure to apply slight pressure on it.

Using a video as a wallpaper

To do this Tik Tok trick you must download a reinforcement application called Tik Tok animated photo which will allow you to use a video to place it as a wallpaper.
After downloading the application, at the time you choose the video click on the Share icon which will take you to other options where you must click on the one that says Animated photo. This will cause the video to download without sound, allowing you to use it as a wallpaper.

How to make a Duo

This is one of the most fun Tik Tok tricks which you can activate by clicking on Share. Then click on Duo to make the screen split, showing you next to the video you have chosen to make the recording.

Simulate a conversation

To recreate a Tik Tok conversation the first thing you have to do is to record a video with the application and publish it as private.
Select it and display the menu available in it by pressing the icon of the 3 points in which you must click on the option Duo.

Trick to make a temporary transition

Performing this Tik Tok trick will require practice to master it but once you achieve it will allow you to apply a transition to the video where you can go from slow-motion to fast speed or vice versa.
In the moment you make the video recording click on the video speed option (so you can notice better to go from 3x to 0.1x or vice versa).
Then, keep one finger pressed on the other end of the time bar (if 3x is marked, keep the finger at 0.1x) while simultaneously recording the video with the other finger.
At first it will be difficult for you to try this action, but once you have learned it you will notice in the final result of the video how an interesting temporal effect is obtained.

Choose a part of the video to apply an effect

After recording the video, you may have the opportunity to apply filter effects and time to a specific segment of this through the special effects section.
Entering in it you will be able to observe the video in screen. When you have decided the effects you want to apply to the video you must keep your finger pressed on it.
This will cause the video timeline to advance until it stops at the specific point of the video chosen by you simply by removing your finger from the screen. You can apply this action with other filters in the same video.

Add sounds that are not in the app and that others use them.

Although Tik Tok has an extensive catalog of sounds these can be used by many users. If you want to stand out from the rest, with this Tik Tok trick you will have the opportunity to create your own sound in an easy way.
In order to do this, you will have to record the screen of your phone using some special application for it.
Once installed the application records the sound of the source you want as Spotify, YouTube or use your own voice.
Then upload the video to Tik Tok privately and that’s it! you can use the sound without requiring the video.

Put a title to your sound so they can find it easily

After recording the sound you created in your Tik Tok profile, you can change the name by clicking on the icon of the 3 horizontal stripes located on the right side.
Once there click on the option Set sound title which will appear below the name assigned by default to the file.

Get the TikCode

The TikCode is an identification card through which other users can scan a QR code to follow you and you can get by clicking on the QR icon in the right corner of your profile on Tik Tok.

Link Instagram and YouTube to your account

If you have accounts on these platforms you can link them to your Tik Tok account. For this you must click on the edit profile option from your Tik Tok account. Once there click on add Instagram or add YouTube and you’re done!

Share a video to the Instagram stories

This Tik Tok trick allows you to share any video from this platform in your Instagram stories. For this you just have to click on the Share option to display a menu in which you will have to choose the one that corresponds with Stories.

Discover a user’s favorite content

To explore the preferences of another user in Tik Tok just enter their profile and click on the heart icon that appears in the middle of the screen.

Manage the content that appears to us

In case you are not an enthusiastic Tik Tok user, on the tab For you will appear videos recommended by the platform without taking your tastes into consideration.
For this reason, if you want to tell the app what content you want to see must click on the Share option when a suggestion appears that you do not like.
This will make appear different options among which you must click on the one that says I’m not interested.

Activate the “Digital Detox”

Finally, among the tricks of Tik Tok is the digital detoxification that serves as a reminder when you have exceeded the two hours of Tik Tok use per day recommended.

After this happens, Tik Tok will ask you to enter an access code to continue using your account. To activate it enter in Tik Tok Settings and then click on Digital Detoxification and finally click on the Enable option.

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