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Viking Simulator Codes

Roblox Viking simulator codes, the game was launched for Roblox platform in the month of January of this year. The game is about Vikings getting control of all the goods in the islands in order to get as many resources as they can to sell them afterwards.

All Viking simulator lovers search for active codes to get the latest and newest pets. In this article I will provide you the list of active codes available until now. I will explain you how to exchange the codes and also, I will give you a summary of what the game is about and why it is so funny.

List of active codes for viking simulator

If you wish to acquire new rewards exchanging some codes, then you need to keep on reading because I will give you the list of codes that are available right now. These codes have been proved in the game and of course they do work perfectly.


Roblox Viking simulator codes are the following:

  • Get a free pet: MILO IS AWESOME
  • Get a free pet: UndoneBuilderIsAwesome
  • Get a free pet: DefildPlays Is Awesome
  • Get a free pet: WARRIOR
  • Get a free pet: RazorFish Is Awesome
  • Get a free pet: Austin Is Awesome
  • Get a free pet: VIKINGS

How you can exchange viking simulator codes

If you want to get rewards exchanging the codes published above, then this is what you have to do.

You must follow the next steps:


  • To find the Twitter blue icon that is located in the left part of your screen. Then after you select the icon you will see a pop-up window such as the one in the next picture.


  • To introduce the code in the white bar of the pop-up window right where it says ‘Enter Code here’, there you must type in the code you want to use correctly.


  • If you followed the steps perfectly with no errors, then you will receive in few minutes you reward.

With these codes you will be able to get your reward instantly. The reward is a new pet and an extra one as well. You can go anywhere along with your new pet. It will go after you as a bodyguard.

You will definitely want to have as many pets as you can and also equip those who have the best gold multiplier. This allow you to get gold rapidly, so as to improve your sword, shield, bags and reach out for ranks.

 Playing viking simulator – What you must do

Viking simulator is a game of Vikings so What do they do? As Vikings are rude, strong and brave, they carry out all the stuff in the islands where they arrive.

They also want to get all the things in the islands, so when we talk about vikings, they really want all. They must appropriate of all the goods the inhabitants of the islands have. Among these goods are: houses, farms, trees, doors, people and even the king of each island.

As you start a new game you have to begin by destroying stuff like boxes, doors and everything you see around you. This will help you get extra money and then you can buy everything you need to conquer the island.

You have to destroy everybody and everything. I know it sounds aggressive but this what the game is all about, furthermore when you defeat the king of the island you are visiting you win a lot of extra coins.

What else Vikings do?

When you destroy things and people you get more and more coins filling up your bag up to the point of being in the need of emptying it by acquiring some items useful to conquer all the inhabitants you find in the island you are visiting at that moment.

If the avatars of the game are controlled by the CPU these are villagers, they will not hurt but if the avatars are knights or any other type, they will protect their village to the death, being really powerful and hard to die, but do not worry.

In the case of the last islands which is ‘Deadly Deandlans’ also known by players as the Hell Island because of its appearance, you will not find villagers, there are only guards and consequently you must be prepared very well, taking your best sword, your best shield and equip with the higher rank because they are really going to fight.

What can you Buy?

In each island you can find axes and swords in order for you to increase your striking power. There are also bags for you to store up much more resources. There are also shields to increase you life points and ranks (levels) that give you gold multipliers and resources.

It is better that the first thing you buy is a good hammer and the best bag possible, so that you can break as many boxes as you can quickly and then you must save all the money you get from the boxes and continue to buy more weapons.

You can enjoy every label

Afterward, try to buy the best shield you find, so that you can fight the guardians and save as much life as possible when they attack you. As you go passing through the areas, you will have to improve all your protection items to defeat them and conquer the island.

Similarly, as you go overcoming the challenges, you will be getting more coins and unlock more swords, the best shields and even new amazing bags. Additionally, you can change your Viking and make him reaching out more ranks.

Remember that you must always enter the protected areas by breaking the doors at the entrances, then once inside there you must find the treasure with gold that you can claim almost daily. If you destroy some statues as well, you will guarantee more coins.

The best of all is that you do not have to stay in one place nor go through the same challenges. As you go advancing in the game, you can visit other islands and pass the challenges and obstacles that they bring. It is worthy to mention that each island and the challenges are totally new.

How to arrive to other places?

The other islands are accessible too by means of a viking ship. Although you must pay the needed price to get off them and some other islands will ask you to have some requirements, for example, to be in the highest rank.

Each one has new challenges, rewards and items in the shops. In each island you can buy different pets and break many more things to equip yourself with gold coins, and then fight with their king.

When you get tired of playing alone and want to show off you skills against other players get in the PvP combat zone. There you can show other all your skills but above all you can have the opportunity to make clear who the strongest viking is.

Why you should play viking simulator

This game is very funny, it is able to convey the feeling of fury viking when you enter the villages and start the destruction. It is very funny and the theme is really great. The different scenarios and graphics are really well done.

Roblox calls the attention of gamers

It is a very addictive game, you can get obsessed with it and reach out in the game to unlock the islands, and also to get new stuff like swords, shields, bags and higher ranks or levels. You can also compete against other people and show off your skills.

Very dinamic Updatings

Viking Simulator is not a game that get stuck. Roblox is constantly providing new updates in order to maintain the users in expectation and enterntained with all the new stuff added to the game.

In the last update, new weapons, shields and ranks were added included new zones, such as Atlantic Ruins and another one like Floating Islands. There is also a new pet called immortal pet, which is what all the lovers of Viking Simulator wish to have.

We encourage you to play it. We love this kind of simulator in Roblox. It is addictive, new, with complete adrenaline, etc…

In conclusion, it has all the necessary things to catch anyone and it has a high position among the best simulators in Roblox.

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