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Roblox tricks 2020: Roblox Mad City

As part of the Roblox tricks 2020 we bring you this time those corresponding to Roblox Mad City, a game where the action takes place in a city dominated by chaos and anarchy in which you must choose whether to participate as a criminal committing crimes or as a police officer helping to prevent them.

There are a series of tricks that when used in Roblox Mad City will allow you to have access to vehicles or weapon skins, which will make these items stand out a little more even though they will not help improve your skills in the game.

Roblox tricks 2020 for Mad City

To enter the words that make up the Roblox Mad City tricks you must do so by clicking on the Twitter icon. When you do this, a menu will be displayed in which you will have to enter the code and press the Submit button to access the article associated with it. Below is a list of tricks that will help you get free skins and weapons.

Vehicle and weapons skins

  • Napkin: Vehicle Skin
  • RealKreek: Vehicle Skin:
  • 5K37CH: Vehicle Skin
  • Bandites: Vehicle Skin
  • uNiQueEe BACON: Vehicle Skin
  • KraoESP: Vehicle Skin
  • 0N3Y34R: Birthday Fireworks Vehicle Skin
  • M4DC1TY: Black Hex AK47 Skin
  • W33K3NDHYP3: Monochrome Vehicle Skin
  • T4L3N: Talon Vehicle Spoiler
  • B3M1N3: Hearts SPAS Skin
  • B34M3R: Sunbeam Vehicle Skin
  • S33Z4N2: Frosty Vehicle Skin
  • STR33TL1N3: Streetline Vehicle Skin
  • S34Z4N3: Vehicle Skin Plasma
  • TH1NKP1NK: Pink Vehicle Skin
  • S34Z4N4: Purple Zebra Vehicle Skin

How to use vehicle skins?

There are several options when using vehicle skins. One of them is to use 100 of your Robux to acquire the ability to exchange the skin immediately through the Buy icon on the phone.




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