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Roblox: Most iconic characters

Since its official launch in 2006, Roblox has become one of the MMO (Masive Multiplayer Online) games par excellence within the gaming community, thanks to the wide variety of games available on its platform, as well as the numerous characters it possesses.

In this sense, over time, Roblox had the presence of characters with actions that became part of the highlights of this gaming platform, where through this article, you can have the opportunity to know who were the most important Roblox characters, as well as the reason why they have been immortalized.


As a Roblox admin, Shedletsky is one of the game’s most famous characters, although it is usually rare for him to send trade requests.

Some players have claimed to have been swindled by him, but so far, such accusations lack evidence.

Many users have established a relationship between Shedletsky and a phenomenon that occurs in the game known as Ban Hammer, named after the famous sound of BAN, which is one of Telamon’s favorites, who uses it when Permabanning a person.

Despite being a character with a great sense of humor and pleasant interaction with fans, it is appropriate not to mess with Shedletsky.

John Doe and Jane Doe

There is no doubt that within the Roblox story, these characters are all considered icons, originally created for the purpose of keeping company to those players who were alone on a server.

In relation to these characters, there was a time when there was a rumor that some hackers had taken over the accounts to wreak havoc on Roblox, speculation that lasted for a few years without materializing to the point where some took advantage of the hoax to create expectation and generate interest in the game.

Over time, however, Roblox developers “recovered” both accounts, later changing the appearance of the characters.


Among Roblox characters, Stickmasterluke is one of the best known by all those enthusiastic players of Survive the Disasters titles, which showed the good quality put by the developers in the creation of games such as Natural Disaster Survival and Survive The Disasters 1 and 2 as well as Cube Eat and Cube.

One of the most distinctive features in this Roblox character is his classic Dominus, as well as the Green Balloon that he carries with him, being also considered the father of the Survive the Disasters games.


Within the category of Murder style Roblox games, Nikilis is a celebrity, a fame he acquired thanks to his leading role in one of the most famous game, usually located within the top page, Murder Mistery 2, a title that surpassed its predecessor in terms of success within the community of Roblox players.

Among Nikilis’ most notable attributes are its classic Red Sparkle Fedora, Wanwood Anthers, 8-bit lenses, and BloxCon Hall of Fame 2014, which it earned after being named one of Roblox’ best games of the year.


Unlike the previous character this character was not exactly a very appreciated element within the world of Roblox in its beginnings, because since its appearance 1x1x1x1 was considered a total threat.

After being Permabanned it was speculated that 1x1x1x1 was involved in the supposed hacking of John and Jane Doe.

During its passage through the game, 1x1x1x1 was the cause of destabilizing situations within Roblox as the theft of accounts, as well as the intimidation of children in which it came to instill fear, which over time made this Roblox character consolidated as a real nightmare for old players.

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