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The best games in Roblox 2020

We want you to know what the best Roblox games are. These are giving much to talk about due to the boom that this entertaining platform is having for the great variety it has.
On Roblox, you find games for all ages and likes, from role games, adventures, races, mystery, terror to magic and more. All depends on what you like for you or for the little ones in the house.
But, you are not alone in the search for the best Roblox games. We will help you; that is why you will see now an inventory of them.

Learn about the 16 best Roblox games

Roblox has at your disposal thousands of games; the thing is, what will you choose? We understand you perfectly because there are more and more games because more developers are joining the Roblox team.
We know that you do not want to waste your time with bad games or do not adapt to your likes. That is the reason why, we will indicate you a list of the best Roblox games so that you make your choice more easily.

1. Jailbreak
2. My Restaurant
3. Meep City
4. RoVille
5. Tower of Hell
6. Blox Fruits
7. Dragon Blox Ultimate
8. Mega Noob Simulator
9. World of Magic
10. Vehicle Simulator
11. Adopt Me!
12. Dragons’ Life
13. My Farm
14. Age of Heroes
15. Piggy
16. Super Power Training Simulator
By having this list, you will see that you will not get bored anymore. But now, we will explain you what is each game about to make the choice of the most you like faster.



People who like classical games will certainly find it one of the best Roblox games. Here policemen pursue thieves. That is why you can choose if being the good guy or the bad one.
If you choose to be a policeman, your goal will be to stop thieves by using different weapons and objects you have at your disposal for facing your adversary. The advantage is that you receive more rewards when stopping more thieves.
On the other hand, if you choose being a thief, you have to avoid being caught while robbing a bank, businesses or even houses to have the most amount of money possible.
Whether you are a policeman or a thief, you can play alone or in a group.

My Restaurant

In this game you can be finally the owner of your own restaurant! You just have to fulfill the tasks it requires. To hire the staff, prepare the food, serve the customers, wash the dishes, etc.
At the beginning they give you a number of tables and accessories, but as you earn more money, you can be purchasing and growing.

Meep City

Meep City is a role-play game where you simulate a life. You can create the avatar with clothes, accessories and other stuff in a customized way and build your house as you like.
You can create your living room with up to 80 people with whom you are in touch and share the coins you have earned. In addition, it is even possible to have pets.


This is other game where you can have a virtual life, pretty realistic because you pay bills; you can also build your house and buy things to decorate it.
But, that is not all. Your avatar is very important, so much that you must take good care of it; it has to eat, be clean, sleep and do everything needed to be well as if it were a real person.

Tower of Hell

This is an addictive game, although for some it is a little frustrating because you have to reach the top of a tower; however, you are presented with many obstacles and they generally make you fall.
The challenge is that, when falling, you have to start again no matter if you were just one step away to reach the top. But, do not give up; by trying, you will be rewarded.

Blox Fruits

Blox Fruits has mystical fruits that help you to have certain abilities that give you the control over fire, make you fly and even shoot tornados.
All this so that you use them in the fights you face becoming in the best swordsman of the zone. These battles are held on land or sea because they are about pirates and sailors.
Therefore, you count on special instruments and armor that provide you with the strength needed to defeat.

Dragon Blox Ultimate

If you like Dragon Ball, this is the game for you, the favorite of the best Roblox games. Here, you can create your avatar identical to your favorite anime character. You will be finally a super sayayin!
You choose if you want to be the villain or the hero. Among the abilities or powers that will stay with you are: to fly speedily through the skies, fight hand to hand against your enemies, shoot balls of energy and more.

Mega Noob Simulator

you like the world of force and exercises, you will love this game. Here, you have to drink shakes to increase your muscle mass and do exercises with weights for becoming the strongest of all.
It will be necessary since you will have to face giant creatures with much strength. However, the more fights you win, the more your power increases, and you receive more coins that you can use to purchase your instruments for doing exercises.

World of Magic

If World of Magic is a game for magic amateurs since here you can make your own magician, your magic and even your team or body of magicians.
You do battles with very powerful beings which you can face with the help of your magical contraptions that will help you to fulfill missions and earn more money that later you can use for buying other articles.

Vehicle Simulator

Vehicle simulator is a game of auto races where the fastest is the winner. This is a challenge because the other competitors have cars with outstanding features.
Here, you have the opportunity to select your vehicle, which you must do quite well because the more victories you win, the more your rewards will be, and this will help you to have money for modifying or changing your vehicle when necessary.

Adopt Me!

For many, the best Roblox games are the ones that seem real, and Adopt Me! is it. This is so because here, you can be a baby or an adult adopting a baby.
Nevertheless, the activities that the adult does are very real. He goes to parties, buys cars, has friends, adopts a pet, names it, takes care of it and walks it.
And if he has a baby, he also baths him, feeds him, puts him to sleep and assists him in everything.
And when you decide to be a baby, you are growing while the time goes by up to become an adult. All this makes you feel that you actually have to attend responsibilities by playing.

Dragons’ Life

Create your dragon squad with your friends; choose if you start by being an egg, a baby dragon, a teenager dragon or an adult dragon, and start walk around the dragons’ world in this role-playing game with its animations.

My Farm

My Farm is for those who like the country, cultivate the land and breed animals. You can grow corns, flowers, lemons. Complete the missions so that your farm grows.
Moreover, you can do parties, decorate your farm for that and hide treasures and later invite your friends to search for them. Another thing is that you can take advantage of your production to decorate your biscuits with cheese, chocolate or honey.
When you do all that, you gain coins that will help you to buy other stuff for expanding or improving your farm.

Age of Heroes

If you like superheroes, you can be one in Age of Heroes, choose your super power and catch criminals and villains. Those powers are increasing as you combat and win at levels, and they are updated.
If you want to be much more powerful, you must win the greatest amount of fights. Although, you can decide to be on the bad side and be the villain who defeats the heroes and makes the worst feats.


If you like terror, then play Piggy. This game is about a humanoid possessed pig who wants to kill every one who enters his dwelling. You must hide so you do not get caught.
If he can see you, you have left is to run and avoid to be killed. On the other hand, you are not the only one on the game; there are other people on the game too, running away so they do not get killed; you must avoid being the first to be dead.

Super Power Training Simulator

Once again, you have the option to be a hero or a villain. In Super Power Training Simulator, you have to train your body, mind and fists to be faster and stronger so that you can fight against your opponent, whether you are the good guy or the bad one.
You do not have to do it on your own, you can invite your friends and create a stage where, by means of a combat, you reach higher skills, and then your character will be better and better.
These are just some of the best Roblox games. There are so many more, but the most played and wanted on Roblox community are these ones which allow you to enjoy great adventures.
Do not break your head by looking for more options because here you have the best Roblox games. If you are looking for entertainment, Roblox has it for you. See what you find most appealing to you and have fun; look for the category you prefer and let the game start.

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