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Mobile Legends Tricks

If you are starting out as a Mobile Legends player you are probably having trouble adapting to the dynamics of the game and making some beginner’s mistakes.

For this reason, it is necessary that you know some tricks of Mobile Legends that can help you improve your performance as well as take better advantage of the options the game gives you to raise your ranking and get improvements.

Choose the moment

One of the most common mistakes made in Mobile Legends is to give away games due to not choosing the right time to play a game.

If you find yourself in a situation where your internet connection is failing or if you are likely to receive a call or find yourself in a circumstance in which you can be interrupted as a recommendation it is best not to play in ranked at that time as you would be wasting the game.

Choose your companions

If you don’t feel enthusiastic about the teammates assigned to you by the game, you don’t have to accept them.

Due to the randomness of the selection, you may be assigned teammates with whom you don’t have a good interaction at the time of establishing strategies or you don’t agree with the actions they carry out within the game.

That’s why at the moment of making a game with a support, if you have liked his way of game add him as a friend and take advantage to play with him more times.

Copy the best builds

If you want to know which are the best builds used in Mobile Legends by a champion what you should do is look for a top player and copy the build.

To do this, just enter the main menu and select the option My Zone. Then there locates the option My Team and click on it.

Once inside select the option Change and ready. You will have the opportunity to copy the builds of the best players.

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