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Donald Trump’s advertising stole many Roblox accounts

Roblox accounts are hacked for supporting Donald Trump, what does Roblox have to do with Donald Trump? Before this news they did not have anything that connect the two of them; however, Roblox users are currently been victims of Trump’s political campaign.

In waiting for the next presidential elections in the United States, it is usual that they fill all media with political propaganda; what is very weird is the fact to use Roblox which is an online videogame platform.

The most interesting fact of this cyber attack is that they have not stolen the accounts themselves; they have just accessed them with the purpose of spreading political propaganda by sending messages that are quite related to Donald Trump’s political party.

Hackers steal Roblox accounts for Donald Trump’s propaganda

Bleeping Computer manifested that there is a campaign carried out where they hack Roblox accounts to support Donald Trump; the purpose of this campaign is not to take users their accounts away but it has to do with entering and spreading political propaganda.

When the elections are approaching, we start to see candidates’ advertising everywhere on the streets, on the radio, TV and, certainly, on social media. What we have not seen before is that they use an online games platform for this purpose.

Roblox is a platform which includes people of all ages; but its strongest appeal is to children between the ages of nine and fourteen years who do not meet the minimum requirements to exercise their right to vote.

That is why it seems illogical to fill a games platform which is mostly used by children with political campaign for elections in which they obviously cannot participate.

The attack on the accounts has been based on hackers searching accounts with passwords easy to decode and accessing them; the first thing they do when entering is to write: “Ask your parents to vote for Trump this year” on the section “about”.

In the message, they include the abbreviation “MAGA2020” as a signature; the initials MAGA correspond to Make America Great Again, the political party where Trump is activist and presidential candidate.

This is not the only thing they do in Roblox profiles; they also download two particular elements that are typical of those who support Donald Trump; hackers put them on the avatars and leave the profile with these changes.
The first element with which they equip the avatar is a red cap having a white text that says “the running of the bulls”. This cap is characteristic of the party MAGA.

The second of the elements is a very patriotic red T-shirt having printed the flag of the United States and also a shape of a bald eagle. The cap and T-shirt of MAGA party have become in the current outfit of many Roblox avatars.

Methodology they use

The methodology used by those who hack Roblox accounts to support Donald Trump is to find accounts having a short, simple and easy to decipher key; by having that, they are able to access the account illegally.
When they are inside the account, they start to send messages to other Roblox users; they write: “Ask your parents to vote for Trump this year”. They also use the initials of the party and send “MAGA2020” as a kind of signature for the message.

That is certainly a very recognized phrase that identifies the party Make America Great Again, and even sending that kind of messages was not enough, the attackers decide to change the avatar’s outfit by dressing them with a cap and a T-shirt related to that political party.

It is important to highlight that the attackers do not do other actions in the profiles; for example, they do not modify the password nor replace the e-mail. That makes clear that their purpose is not to appropriate the account but only to spread advertising of the campaign.

Those who have been victims of those attacks will be able to access their accounts normally and check what happened; they can also change their password to a safer one and activate the authentication in two steps.

What can be said about the privacy vulnerability

In addition to this entire situation, we must add that those who hack Roblox accounts to support Donald Trump, are violating users’ privacy because in those accounts there is very personal data.
The users run the risk of those hackers take their data and keep on doing illegal actions against them and that could lead them to be involved in serious troubles.

All Roblox community has manifested its disappointment and dissatisfaction with this situation through social media, especially on Twitter platform.

Is Donald Trump’s campaign related to this?

It is not possible to relate this fact directly to Donald Trump or his political bureau; until now, it is unknown who is behind all this attack to Roblox platform.
The truth is that this action could have been done by anyone with e-knowledge, maybe a fan of the political party MAGA who wants to assure the victory to his candidate.

We recommend all users of this platform to access your accounts and check if you have been a victim of this attack so that you can change your passwords and restore your profiles.

What do users think about this fact?

There have been many the comments and opinions expressed by Roblox users in social media where they have manifested their displeasure and of course the rejection of the actions done by those hackers.

Many of them have posted comments such as: What is my avatar doing dressed like that? Other expressed: Why is my avatar dressed in that way? I am not even an American”. These are only two of the many comments made by users expressing their confusion in the face of this situation.

Some have criticized the Roblox platform for not to guarantee the safety of more than 100 millions of users that this platform has. Also, some debates have been carried out through social media.

Where they argue why they have used a platform generally used by children to spread political campaigns.
Until now, Roblox has not given any pronouncement nor has provided a permanent solution for this situation; it is only recommended to access the accounts and activate the two-factor authentication for greater safety.

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