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How to eliminate a ban in Roblox

How do I remove Roblox ban? That is one of the most frequent questions that players of this community ask. Sadly, some players have made the mistake of doing certain forbidden things deserving a penalty.

To avoid that, we must know that there are certain things we should not do in order to avoid offending, molesting or bothering not only the Roblox community, but also administrators of the videogame and all the participants.

Why can you be banned in Roblox?  

One of the main reasons you could be banned is because you surely do not know the rules. Have you ever tried to install an app o program in your mobile device or computer and you are told first to accept the terms and policy?

What do you do in that situation? Do you just check and click on accept? Well, that is a big mistake because it turns out that developers of these programs, apps and games let you know in advance everything you can do and what you can not do when you use it.

If you are no aware of what it says, there are some consequences and at any moment you are going to infringe the rules, and when it comes to Roblox leads to a restriction or a block, that is to be banned.

Reasons to be banned 

There are plenty reasons that can cause you the Roblox ban. Overall, they are related with the way how you behave in the game, and the way you interact with other players. Here are some of the reasons:

  • As in any other videogame, you have to play fair, without cheating or tricks because it can go wrong and be banned.
  • The chat of the game is only to socialize, it has not been made for dating and anything like that. If you do things that violate that tule, you can be banned.
  • Roblox is a game for everyone. Therefore, you must be careful with what you say in the chat. Do not talk about adult topics in a game where children have a share. Also you must avoid sexual content. Doing that can cost you losing the game.
  • Dirty words and explicit language are not allowed.
  • Nobody nor anything must sexualized.
  • You must avoid intimidate, insult, threat, defame and humiliate any player in private or in public. You can be reported and consequently blocked by doing that.
  • Disclosing personal information from other players is not allowed not even in private.
  • You must not exclude somebody. Everyone that meets the requirements and wishes to participate in this game is accepted without social or religious discrimination. The person doing that will be punished.
  • Draws related to the game or the coin used in the game must not be organized, because this can give place to fraud. This is a serious matter for administrators of the game.
  • Obviously, it is not convenient to hack the game.

These are some of the things you must avoid if you do not want to receive a restriction or a temporary or permanent cancelation of your account. Additionally, if you know that someone is sharing in any of these actions, you must report it.

Nonetheless, you must be careful of not making such an accusation publicly, you must do it through the tools design for complaints prepared in the website of the videogame.

Neither should you incite other players to infringe the rules. This will make you responsible directly and deliberate.

Consequences of being banned in Roblox  


The consequences of ban will depend greatly on the magnitude of your fault. Although, as you already notice the reasons for banning someone are related mainly with the behavior of such individual.

If you participate in any of these actions, you can be banned just for few days and then, your connection will be reestablished, but before you will be given an advertisement to let you know that if your behavior does not change your account will be cancelled.

The administrators of the game will decide whether they forgive your fault or you do not deserve another chance, and therefore, they cancel your account. Whatever the case the measure taken will depend on the seriousness of your procedure according to the perception of those involved.

Moreover, you should remember that if you are banned, you will lose everything you have won in the game that includes Robux coins, the items you have stored no matter if you bought them or if you had won them playing or in any other form in the game.

Even if you are a developer, you will not have the opportunity to continue developing games for Roblox although you are very good at it. And you definitely know that is a big disadvantage due to the gains you get developing.

If you are banned in Roblox, what should you do?

If you are banned, you will definitely want to know how to remove the Roblox ban, in that case, it depends on the reason of the banning.

If you consider that it has been a mistake or someone has played you bad and has reported you unfairly, you can contact customer service and make known your problem.

If that is the case, you must wait for the answer. Surely, they will evaluate your request and reestablish your account. If you have not infringed the rules, you do not have to fear. However, you must demonstrate that it was certainly a mistake.

On the contrary, you will have to prove other alternatives in order to continue to be in the game. These other options will not necessarily work.

On the other hand, do not think that the solution is to create another account. Even if your behavior in this new account is different, when the administrators realize that you are trying to play with another account, they will trace your IP and you will be blocked permanently.

How to remove a Roblox ban

Although there are some alternatives in how to remove a Roblox ban, it is not sure these will totally work. The fact is that this depend on the type of restriction or ban you have been applied, as well as the fault you committed.

There are players that commit minor faults and they are banned. They are given an advice and they can continue playing. But if the fault is serious the consequences are bigger too. If it is the case, the user changes his behavior in the game, administrators can remove the ban.

Another way to receive a ban is through the IP of your internet connection. If it happens to you, the easiest and fastest way you can do is to turn off the router and the modem of your internet provider for few minutes, and then turn them on again.

In that way, you reset the IP and you will get a new one. In this case, that restriction will not be a limitation for you. Now, what if that alternative does not work? Well, in that case, there is still more you can do.

You can call to your internet service provider and request a new IP address. If the service of your internet provider is efficient that will not result in a major issue, because that is part of its service.

Even though, if that option does not work, you still have a last one option. That one is very used. We are talking about using a VPN app.

How to use a VPN to remove a Roblox ban?

In case you are not an expert on the subject, a VPN is a program that allows you to hide your real IP or to change it for a different one. Depending on which one you use, free or paid, you can have certain advantages.

But even using a VPN you can have an IP from a country even you are physically in another country at least temporary. So the possibilities that this option works are very high.

Additionally, another advantage that using a VPN offers is that there are no limitations to use it in any device, because these VPN apps are available to all operative systems that exist right now. You can even use these VPN apps in videogame consoles.

So, if you have the possibility to go unnoticed using a VPN that will provide you a different IP to the one you used when you were banned. In that way, you can continue enjoying your game without difficulties.

However, the best you can do in the future is to avoid breaking the rules or infringe the terms and conditions of the game, with the purpose not to experience problems and not to make others experience them too.

Behave good and you will see that everything is going to be ok, you will have no motives to be banned never. Enjoy the game safely, have fun and if you want, help others to have fun too, but doing it in a peaceful and healthy way.

Do not forget reading the small letters of any contract even those of programs you install on your computer or mobile device. That will set you free from plenty headaches. It will tell you the right way to behave.




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