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How to play Merge Dragons on PC or Mac


Probably, you are used to playing Merge Dragons from your smartphone, but what if you could play this game from a big screen? Well, that is actually possible and this post will guide you to get it. Thanks to this guide you will be able to keep your progress without having to start from the beginning.

In order to do that, you will need to download an Android emulator, such as BlueStacks. This emulator is safe and free and works in both Windows and Mac computers and laptops. Follow the next steps in order not to get lost.


Step 1: How to install an Android emulator on your PC or laptop regardless of whether it is a Windows or Mac device

The first thing you have to do is to download and install an Android emulator, since this game only works on Android or iOS devices. BlueStacks is the emulator we recommend you, since it is one of the most important Android emulators for PC. BlueStacks is a safe emulator and, above all, it is 100% free. You can get it by clicking on here.

In addition, you can download the Android emulator and the game in one go by clicking on here.

Once you have accessed that link, you will have to click on “Download Merge Dragons! on PC” button. After that, your computer will automatically download the .exe file.

Once the download is finished, you have to click on the file you have just downloaded and click on “Install now” button. Your computer or laptop will automatically install the Android emulator so you just have to wait some minutes (it will depend on your computer).

After installing your new Android emulator, you will have to sign in to your main Google account. It is recommended using the same Google account you already have on your smartphone.


Step 2: How to install Merge Dragons! on your PC or laptop

Once you have downloaded and installed the Android emulator from the link we provided you some sentences above, it is time to install Merge Dragons! The Google Play page in order to download the game should appear automatically once you have installed the Android emulator, if not, just access Google Play from your new Android emulator and look up Merge Dragons!. By clicking on here you will be able to download the game directly from Google Play.

It is time to click on the “Install” button to get the game.

After some minutes, you will be able to play Merge Dragons on your PC or laptop. Very easy, isn’t it?


Step 3: How to transfer your progress from your smartphone to your PC or laptop

This step is optional, since you could play this game from the beginning if you want. In case you want to keep playing from the very point in which you paused last time on your smartphone, you will have to follow this next step.

First of all, you have to run the game and click on the gear symbol on the main screen of the game (shown below).

There are some game settings and in this new screen you will have to connect the game to your Facebook account. Do not forget to link your game to Facebook from your smartphone before.

That is all you need to know in order to play Merge Dragons on a PC or laptop. This will let you enjoy a better game experience and you will never regret. We hope this post has helped you a lot.


Some FAQs

What happens if I download and install an Android emulator? Is it legal?

You do not have to worry about that, since it is totally legal. Therefore, you can use BlueStacks in order to play those games you can play from your smartphone but on your PC or laptop. In addition, it is safe and free.

Are there minimum system requirements in order to play this game on my PC or laptop?

There are actually some system requirements you should take into account before you download and install BlueStacks on your PC. Be aware that all those requirements have to do with the Android emulator.

  • Operating systems: Microsoft Windows 7 (or higher) or MacOs.
  • Processor: Intel and AMD.
  • RAM: at least 4 GB.
  • HDD: 5 GB of free disk space.
  • Up-to-date graphics drivers from Microsoft or the chipset supplier.

In addition, there are some recommendations to play Merge of Dragons! from your PC or laptop:

  • Operating systems: Windows 10 or MacOs Sierra.
  • CPU: Intel Core i5 with virtualization extension enabled in the BIOS.
  • Graphics card: Intel/Nvidia/ATI.
  • RAM: at least 6 GB.
  • HDD: SSD (or fusion).
  • Up-to-date graphics drivers from Microsoft or the chipset supplier.

How can I retrieve my progress if I started playing from an iOS device?

You actually can synchronize your account thanks to a Facebook connection. Then, you will have to download and install an Android emulator, such as BlueStacks and connect the game via Facebook. That is the way to transfer your progress. Very easy, isn’t it?

Is there any difference between playing from a smartphone and a PC or laptop?

There is not any difference concerning the game. On the other hand, you will be able to enjoy the game in a bigger screen with better graphics and with your keyboard and mouse. All those things make you enjoy a better game experience.

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