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How to Install TikTok on a Computer | Final Guide

Tik Tok, formerly known as Musically, is an application for smartphones composed of functions and tools designed to apply effects to any short duration video you record through its interface, in which the only thing you will need is your imagination to create the audiovisual content you want.

In this sense, Tik Tok has a large community of users to whom you will have the opportunity to present and share your videos to which you can add a lot of sound effects and recording.

If you are interested in belonging to this social network and want to discover everything you can do in it to enhance your creativity in creating videos but do not have a smart phone, do not worry, here we explain how to download Tik Tok for PC and use it without any problem.

Install Tik Tok for PC using emulators

Before proceeding to download Tik Tok the first thing you must do is install an Android emulator in order to recreate the environment of this operating system and facilitate the download of Tik Tok on the pc. To carry out this procedure you must apply the following instructions:

  1. The first thing is to start downloading an android emulator through which you can simulate the interface of a smartphone running the Android operating system on your computer. In this sense, you must choose an emulator that is compatible with your operating system as BlueStacks which is one of the most popular.

  2. Once downloaded the file run it to start the installation process on the PC.

  3. After finishing the installation of the emulator by running it you may notice that the main screen presentation will be similar to that of a smartphone.

  4. Locate the Google Play icon and click on it. Once opened, search the Tik Tok application and click on the Install button once you have found it.

  5. In case of any problem with the installation of Tik Tok in the emulator as an alternative you can download the APK file from the browser of your PC. To execute the file, you will only have to drag it to the emulator window to activate the installation of Tik Tok.

After having finished the installation of Tik Tok on the PC through the emulator, you will be ready to make use of the application by opening it and exploring its options.

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