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Pet Show Codes – How can you get them?

What are the Pet Show codes used for? They help to obtain gifts from the game. These can be diamonds, artifacts, pets and many more things. These rewards can help you better your match and even win.

All the Pet Show fans, are constantly seeking for the updated code list. In this article there is an active code list and a summary of what Pet Show is all about and how to play it.

What is Pet Show in Roblox?

Pet Show has become uno of the most requested games for persons of all ages. As the name indicates, the game simulates a style competition among all the pets you decide to participate.

To play Pet Show, you must use your creativity, as this is the aspect that is most valued in the competition. You obtain more points in the exhibition when you are creative and genuine.

You can choose which ever pet you want, the one you have always dreamed of, as a dolphin, a kitten, a puppy, a little pig, among many other pets that are available.

After choosing your pet, the best thing to do is customize it to your taste. You can change eyes, nose, ears, mouth, and even add a tail. Additionally, these features are available in different colors to combine with your pet.

After creating your pet, it’s the moment to design an original and innovative outfit.  At the store you can find a diversity of accessories to use for the outfit. There are scarves, neckless, hats, dresses, among other things.

The outfit should include some effects to make your pet shine on the scenario. Remember you have a chronometer at the top to indicate the time you have to dress your pet. Try to design your outfit as quick as possible.

Now, you have arrived to the best moment. Going out on the catwalk. Your pet and the other participants promenade in the exhibition, where they are evaluated and only one winner is chosen. Make an effort to be the one with the first prize.

Pet Show active code list

The list below has the most up to date Pet Show codes. With these codes you can obtain diamonds, candies and other rewards. The best thing is, that using these codes, the rewards are totally free.

A part from getting instant rewards, the codes contribute to unblocking tricks and sounds, that you can add to your pet. Following is the available and active Pet Show code list:

  • If you want candies, introduce: likemaniac.
  • If you want diamonds use: petshow.
  • With this code you can get 200 candies and 200 diamonds: tester
  • If you only want 100 diamonds you can use any of these three codes: release, likegan and welcome.

With all the coins you obtain, you could better your pet’s performance at the exhibition. This will help you impress other gamers and of course, add more votes. If you have diamonds you can get some sounds for your pet.

Finally, candies will let you buy tricks that your pet can perform on the catwalk.

Ways to Exchange your Pet Show codes

Exchanging Pet Show codes, is easy and simple, and the best thing is you don’t have to leave the game, you could do this while you play. What you ought to win is specified on the above list.

Follow these steps to introduce the codes:

  1. On the right of the screen several icons. The fist is a musical note, then there is a medal and bellow this there is a clear blue star. Click on the star.
  2. After you click on the star, a window will appear, like the one above, it says: “type your code here”. So you enter the code you want.
  3. After introducing the code correctly, press the “redeem” or “exchange” button and you will get your reward.

This is the simplest way to exchange your Pet Show codes and get your rewards immediately.

What does it consist of to play Pet Show?

When you start the game, the first step is to choose your character and give your “pet trainer” a name in the Pet Show. You can give your name or a funny username, which will be your identification in the match.

The game gives you an “intermission” time, that you can use to start buying accessories and pets, you find more flashing to be able to dazzle in the coming exhibition.

You can get the VIP section where you can find unique accessories that can help you to not repeat the same clothing that others pets have. Do not forget that as more original you are; more vows you will have.

You can get benefits of that time to exchange codes and get some diamonds and candies that allow you to buy sounds and tricks to use them in your pet when it pass over the gangway.

After finish this period of “intermission”, the game will give three minutes to design your pet according to the theme you have chosen. The theme appears on the white bar above the chronometer.

In the image above, you can watch the name “Night Hunter”, this indicate to the gamer that he has to recreate the appearance of his pet taking into account the theme.

You have the opportunity to create your pet from cero, it means you can choose its eyes, nose, ears and all the things you wish like skin color, the most important thing is that everything goes according to the theme.

Now, you can design its clothing or accessories like: scarfs, hats, collars, shoes, etc. You can combine your favorite colors to make more highlighted its look.

After the three minutes have finished and you have completed the creation of your pet, then, everything is ready to go to the stage and show your confections one by one on the gangway.

On the gangway, pets can be the center of the attention and highlight their presentation with some tricks and effects. Although, they can show their skills on the obstacle career.

When the pet show starts, all the pets parade in front of judges, you can be a judge too and give your opinion about other pets that have participated in the presentation.

Do not forget that you have to be objective with your vow, so, to judge others, you should take into consideration the characteristics of each pet to fulfill with the expectations of the presentation.

To give your vow, you will find five buttons that correspond to numbers from one to five, where the number one is the lowest score and five is the highest score.

When the pet show finish is the moment to give the prize to the three first places, the golden medal is for the first place, silver for the second place and bronze for the third place.

Remember, if you use your creativity in all your designs, you will surely win the first place, including the golden medal.

Why is so funny to play Pet Show in Roblox?

Pet Show is, without a doubt, very funny, you really find a complete entertainment when you start to create your pet and design its costumes giving it an original aspect.

This game is not boring, on the contrary, each presentation changes the thematic of the game, you do not have to repeat the same costume, you will be innovating your designs, and also, you can change of pet.

If you participate even more in presentations, you will explore more available accessories including which are the most highlighted on the stage. Although, you can buy additional accessories between games to achieve more vows.

In this game you are not alone, there are more players that are connected online, they are fighting like you to win the parade, that is why, it is important to create a great pet with the most highlighted accessories, your creativity and originality are the keys to win.

When you finish to create your pet, you can enjoy of a beautiful presentation and watch the creations of other participants, which effects and tricks they use, how they combine different colors and how they adapt their designs with the theme of the parade.

All the details you like; you can use them for the next pet show. The best thing is that at same time you are appreciating all the designs, you can vow for the pet of other gamers in an objective form.

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