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Create an account in Roblox – Step by step

Lovers of this game will be glad to know how to create an account in Roblox step by step, so that you can fully enjoy the most famous multiplayer videogame that has been so enjoyable in the current gamer community.

By creating your account you will be able to join a virtual universe along with millions of players, discover different tricks, worlds, and even ways to play so that you can enjoy so much more this experience.

Besides, you can show off about having an avatar created by yourself personalized with a unique style.

What you have to know about an account in Roblox

Roblox is an online videogame that encourages the imagination and creativity inviting to do actions such as design and elaboration of articles, players combat, search and resources gathering.

Moreover, you can socialize since in this game it is possible to invite other players to your friends list. You are able to have 200 friends and an unlimited list of followers. That is how this game will be even funnier.

This game is so popular that it has already a little more tan 60 millions of registered accounts. That is why the number of people you can share with this game is pretty high.

Roblox is a game for everyone even for children aged 8 years and older; thus, those younger than 18 years old can play it as well in a safe way. You can be sure, security measures have been taken in the game.

Content for them have certain actions limited or restricted. For example, they cannot associate their social webs accounts to this one. In this way, possible risks in breaking their security and integrity are avoided.

Following the rules indicated previously, you can make different worlds with construction materials. An interesting fact about this game is that it counts with its own virtual coin.

It is called Robux with which you can make the payment for the elements you want to integrate in your game.

Likewise, you can sell these elements and, later, exchange them for real money; therefore, it is not necessarily only a game; in fact, you can consider it like an extra income that you can obtain while having fun.

Depending on the quality of your creations or the elements that you find, many will want to buy them since there are a big amount of developers who make their content so attractively that some people pay for it.

Steps to create an account in Roblox

For having fun and winning with Roblox, the first step is creating your account. From that step, you will enjoy an endless array of adventures. What you have to do to create a free account in Roblox is the following:

  • From your computer or mobile connect to internet.
  • Search for your browser of your preference and enter into the official website of Roblox:
  • Once you are there, in the top right corner you will find the option “Register” below the option “Log in”. You just have to click there.
  • When logging in, you will have to enter your personal information in the different boxes you will see; it is required to write every data you are asked for (such as date of birth, user’s name and password). Use a nickname, not your real name.

  • You are done, read the terms and conditions established by Roblox and click the box “Accept” and, finally, click on “Register”.

If you follow all the steps correctly, you will enter in without any trouble, with that you have your account. In addition, it is necessary to verify it to assure Roblox that you are a human and not a robot. For that purpose, you have to resolve the capcha and that is all.

Now, you just need to have internet connection and to be registered for being prepared to start having fun with outstanding Roblox adventures, a 3D game with much activity.

You can choose among an unlimited number of playing subjects which suit your personality and tastes whether adventure, mystery, action, crime, exploration, among others.

How to activate and verify your account in Roblox

To Roblox, your safety is important; thus, to them it is essential that you activate and verify your account. In this way, any person can log into your account without your consent or lose information registered in your game.

We recommend you to do this action for security and privacy and that of your data in the game so that you can feel the reliability of having your information protected. In this way, you avoid the thieving or usurpation of your identity.

For that purpose, you have to enter the required data in order to confirm that it is you by following the mentioned bellow steps:

  • From your preferred browser, enter into the official website of Roblox: and once there, click on “Log in” in the top right.
  • When logging in, look for the gear icon located in the top right corner of the window for accessing to settings.
  • Click on the option “settings”.

  • In the option “account information”, enter your telephone number by clicking on “add telephone number” and you will receive a message of confirmation.

  • Besides, enter your e-mail (it is recommendable that it is the one you frequently use) by clicking on “add e-mail”.

  • When you add your e-mail, to confirm your identification, you will be also asked for entering your password that you already settled to enter in Roblox system.
  • Click on “add e-mail” and you will receive immediately a verification message to the e-mail you indicated previously.
  • Later, check Inbox of your e-mail and you will find a message from Roblox, inside, you will find a link, and you have to click on “e-mail verification”.

In this way, you not only protect your data but also you can recover your access to log in easily and quickly in any case you do not remember it later.

Now, you have verified your account and it is completely activated and protected, ready for starting your game.

Now that you could create a free account in Roblox, you just have to log in which is quite easy, and you have two ways for doing so:

  • The first one is through the data you entered in the initial registration.

To enter with the first option, you just have to place your user’s name and password by clicking on the option “log in” in Roblox website. You can even save your data so that you do not need to enter it every time you want to enter into the game.

  • The second option is by means of your Facebook account (in the case you are of legal age)

To enter a social network, you have to click on option Facebook. When doing so, you will see a warning indicating Roblox will receive information of your name and profile picture. Click on “continue as”.

You will be asked for linking your Facebook account; for that purpose, you have to click on “register” or “log in” and follow the steps similar to those of registration and link of your e-mail. This will be necessary only in the first time.

After doing all this easy process and logging in for the first time, you can edit your profile, shape your avatar and verify your list of friends. Likewise, you can choose the world where you want to develop your game.

Now, you just have to choose among all minigame options available for you. We recommend you to filter among the best valued or the most popular ones.

You can see and read the game description that it is the most attractive for you and if you are convinced, you just have to click on “start the game” and let the fun begin.

Burst out your creativity with this game that is quite free and you can enjoy from your computer, game console or mobile. All for you to have entertaining in your hands anytime anywhere.

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