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Children can play Roblox without any risk

“Can I play Roblox online games?” These words will surely seem familiar to you since this interactive game has become millions adults and children’s favorite hobby. It is very likely that your kids have heard how much fun their friends are having.

As a wise father, you want to know better what is this digital entertainment about before authorizing your children to play Roblox on PC. Therefore, I encourage you to keep on reading so that you learn how to monitor and protect your little ones and, thus, they can play it safely.

What is Roblox game about?

To play Roblox online games on your PC will give you and your children the opportunity to play free hundreds of 3D minigames of different topics which have been designed by the players themselves since this platform allows you to create worlds that you imagine or play the ones that already exist.

At the moment of registration, a character is created automatically who will be known with the nickname you assigned it at the beginning, and you can add features, abilities and the body image that you like most.

You can take advantage of this sophisticated tool in the section called studio; a virtual space where you will find a variety of resources to design creatively the world you imagine with its challenges and amusements.

The most attractive particularity is that every world has more than one way to play because the developers can modify it at once to adapt it to players’ demands which come from different countries and get together in the same world.

As you can see, it is very feasible that your children interact with many unknown people when they play roblox online games, because that people are not always kids.

Later on, I will explain the measures you can take on, but before, know another important detail: the content.

What content is there in Roblox for your children?

The variety of subjects you will find in this platform include an array of likes and preferences since you will find topics developed by children for their counterparts; worlds built by adults for kids and digital spaces designed for young ones and adults.

The different intensities can be visualized in the nature of games: sports, exploration, parks, restaurants, magic, mystery, ghosts, terror, fighting, target practice, bloody encounters and murders. Each one of them tastes your social and competitive abilities.

Due to the fact that they are not classified by content but for age, your children may meet with unpleasant scenes that you certainly do not allow them to watch on the news or other TV programs at home.

Roblox also contains online chats, the option of gaining followers, virtual encounters in private chat and acquiring Robux, the digital coin, to obtain useful resources for the avatar or world that is being created.

What is what concerns some parents about the Roblox content?

Until now, you certainly have understood why other parents have expressed their concern about their children’s safety when playing online Roblox.

In fact, you may feel yourself reflected in your feelings. Notice some other aspects:

  • Exposure to violent and aggressive scenes.
  • Addiction to constant entertainment that leads to disregard their school duties and chores even when they are not online.
  • Some participants’ abusive behavior.
  • Incessant pressure to purchase Robux.
  • Constant advertising shaping children’s mind.
  • Forums where obscene and violent language is used and implied sexual pointing.

What can you do for protecting and training your children so that they use appropriately social networks? Let us talk about the economic fact and which are the purchasing methods.

Purchasing methods in Roblox game

As I mentioned before, within the game there is a coin called Robux with which you can get other special abilities for your avatar as well as articles and accessories to change its image. Besides, it is used as a gift in several worlds.

How can you buy Robux?

There are practical purchasing methods at your disposal, among them:

  • Credit or debit cards.
  • Roblox card.
  • PayPal.
  • Sofort.

Remember that you are dealing with real money to buy the virtual coin of the game. Different stipulated rates in the game will depend on packages you desire: single payment or subscription plans.

  • Make a single payment simply consists on purchasing once the amount of Robux offered when cancelling a real amount of money
  • Acquiring a subscription implies cancelling fixed monthly quotas by which you will obtain 50 Robux more than you may obtain by making a single payment.
  • When subscribing you will receive a membership card that you will use to make your payments at the moment of acquiring the article or ability you desire.
  • After selecting the Robux, you have to indicate the purchasing method and make it.

Your little ones, who do not have a mature conception about the money value and its responsible use, may be bombarded and easily influenced by publicists and games creators who are looking for monetize their participation in Roblox.

Steps for controlling your children in Roblox game

The best way to control your children in Roblox game is training them so that they can use virtual means appropriately.

For example, it will be a good idea playing together or setting a steady schedule for those activities.

What else you can do?

Pay attention:

  • Enter and sing in the accounts your children use.
  • In your PC, look for the settings button which is gear shaped, and in mobile devices it is presented by 3 dots listed vertically.
  • Click on “security”.
  • Create an account pin (a 4 numbers code). Confirm your pin again.
  • Slide on the green button at the right to enable your account restrictions.

This measure will protect them from accessing inappropriate games for them as well as get in touch with unknown people who may represent a danger for them.

Other effective measures

I share with you other measures that some responsible parents have adopted since I know they will be useful. Remember the best way to protect your children while playing Roblox safely is teaching them, and that is something only you can do:

  • Train them for using correctly any online game, risks they represent and needed cares.
  • Create a parental pin that protects your personal information:, telephone number, e-mail address or password, as well as determine which games they can play.
  • Set up the possibilities of interaction with third parties: any follower, friends only or any one. This will limit the games they want to access, messages they may receive and invitations to chats.
  • Have a common space at home where you can visualize easily what is happening within the game.
  • Confirm that the registered birth date you entered is the correct one. This platform provides you with certain protection for younger than 13 years of age regarding to content and accesses.

Any time your kid wants to modify the established measures, the platform will ask for the 4 digits pin; that is how this function promotes a fluent communication between you both.

In addition, if he, on purpose or by mistake, selects any restricted game, he will immediately receive a message indicating the restrictions enabled in their account settings.

How to block other user

As part of his training, you can teach him how to block another participant who, being other child or an adult pretending to be another child, uses obscene language or do dubious thing.

How it is done?

It is quite easy:

a- Enter this user’s profile.

b- Select the 3 dots located next to his nickname.

c- You will see a menu where you have to click on “block”.

What to do if that avatar is disturbing your child or another participant?

When you play roblox online games, you can block him too and even report his language or inappropriate behavior.

  • Teach him how to find the participant you consider is violating the game rules.
  • His nickname is registered within the players list of the world. If you do not find him, look for him in the classification tab.
  • Mark his nickname and block him.
  • Remember that you can report right there the abuse by following the given instructions.

Account monitoring

Given that your children are easily malleable, it is important to provide a health environment where they can develop without any danger. For that reason, you need to be aware of who your children play with and what kind of activities they do.

How can you monitor his Roblox account?

  • Enter your child’s account.
  • If you have problems with the password, use the password recovery option.
  • Once you have entered, go to the account profile where you will see:
  1. Friends: Who he plays with: who does he follow? Or who has he accepted as friends?
  2. Recent: which games has he played recently?
  3. Chat and Party: Has he been in any chat rooms? Here, you will also know if he has contacted with his friends’ friends.
  4. Create: What games has he created? Which abilities has he used? Which articles has he put his character on? You can even play together for checking his creative abilities.
  5. Messages: You will know to whom has sent private messages and what they say.
  6. My transactions: will show you the products he has exchanged and how many purchases he has made. This section will indicate you if he has used your means of payments, and if you require changing your banking keys.

How to control online Roblox interactions

How can you control the interactions level in your children’s accounts? This detail is very interesting given that Roblox offers the virtual contact or participants’ encounter through Chat and Party functions.

The game makes possible that the players accepted by your children as friends of them, or their friends’ friends, exchange text messages, voice messages or audio live while they are playing.

In these interactions, it can be made comments about the game itself, opinions or questions about feats done and interchange articles. However, it lends itself to receiving unpleasant messages; that is why these written conversations are filtered and substituted for figurative language.

How can you limit such actions?

1- Enter the Roblox official website:

2- Sing in your children’s accounts.

3- Find the gear icon and click on it to open out the settings menu.

4- Go to “security” and select “privacy”.

5- There, restrict “interactions”.

Given that it is common to form groups of friends, it is avoided that your son accepts unknown people requests by activating the restrict interactions function.

Roblox in Xbox, how to use it

Success in Roblox has catapulted it forward other digital platforms where the amount of daily followers can reach up to 100.000 in a same game simultaneously. One of those scenarios is Xbox.

To enjoy the palpitating adventures offered by Roblox in Xbox, you need:

  • An Xbox Live Gold account.
  • A console.
  • A steady internet connection because this platform requires lots of technological resources.

For learning how to manage the game controls and play the Roblox minigames, use the center button corresponding to Roblox menu. There, you will see a map that will guide you regarding to the function of each button in your Xbox since there are variations among one and another.

  • While playing one of the worlds you selected, you cannot make new friends.
  • In Roblox account you can activate the restrictions for your Xbox Live Gold account
  • Set up the activation or inactivation of multiplatform mode to define with whom your children can play with.

Warnings when using Roblox

Up to here, you have been provided with information that can guide you when protecting your children in order that they play Roblox minigames in a safe way, if you so choose.

Nevertheless, before ending, let me add some other needed warnings:

1- Some special products and abilities to advance in level are only acquired through Robux that is why your children will be under pressure with publicity and “offers” to buy the virtual coin.

2- The fascinating features of the game really consume much valuable time, even offline.

3- In this kind of platform, your children may meet an “online dater” (OD), that is, people looking for others with romantic interest not necessarily kids.

4- It is feasible that inappropriate conversations take place with explicit or unspoken sexual content on the part of some unknown people; thus, it is important that you activate the system restrictions.

5- The simple condition of registration for chatting in this platform facilitates the entry of transgressors.

6- Teach your kid the importance of not accepting unknown people among their friends and avoiding conversations with whom they do not know personally.

I hope all these warnings can be useful and lead you to decide en family if your children will play Roblox or not.


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