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How do you go trough walls in Roblox? – Discover how to do it!

One of the tricks you surely want to know is that of going through walls in Roblox. With this trick you have the advantage of getting ahead of other players quickly and without any danger, you can even get rid of the police.

Although there are many tricks you can use to get some advantages, with this trick in particular you will be able to free from many situations that put your life or freedom in risk inside the game.

So here we are going to teach you how you can achieve this using a glitch or bug. But first we will teach you what these two words mean when it comes to videogames.

What is a bug or glitch in Roblox

As in any videogame there are things you can do to improve your experience. That is why you need to learn all the possible roblox tricks for you to become invincible in this videogame.

First of all, you must know two very frequently used terms in the community of videogames. The terms are bug and glitch. These two terms can give you some troubles but, if you know how to use them well you take a lot of advantage.

Basically, when talk about a bug in the world of videogames we are talking about a flaw that is part of the programming code of the game. This flaw affects the performance of the game, it can even turn the game into a total chaos while you are playing.

However, there is something good in this because you can use such a flaw to trick the videogame due to the errors that are produced in such a game. How can you do that? That is generating a flaw in the code of the game to get ahead of other players.

This action in known as bugging. When this happens, it can really become a useful help to prevail before an obstacle like for example going through walls in Roblox.

The next term used in this article is glitch, that refers to a flaw as well. The glitches are programming code errors in the videogame but unlike the bugs these do not cause any trouble when playing the videogame nor the players.

A glitch does not affect the videogame stability at all, so that means you can keep playing without problem. All the contrary, the glitch can even help you get some items or extra money in case that it happens several times.

For what it has been said before, a glitch it is not considered as a flaw but as a feature in the videogame which has not been thought or planned. You can take a lot of advantage. Therefore, you surely will prefer to generate a glitch instead of a bug.

The best tricks to go through wall in Roblox


Knowing already the terms bug and glitch now we will teach you how to use get benefit of them and do some roblox tricks without activating the hack. Specially to go through wall in roblox.

  • The first you must do is to enter the official web page of roblox (
  • Then, enter in your account.
  • Once you have started session go to the featured complements in roblox
  • In the left area of your screen you will see several options and you must select body parts.
  • Now, you must go to packs and click on there. Then you will see some types of clothing so you can dress up your avatar.
  • Among the clothing you must look for knightd of redcliff: paladin. Choose it and start a new game.
  • Now, once you have started the game you must go to the criminal base, that is, the armor shop. At this point to active the trick it is necessary that you choose the shotgun. That weapon can give you much more probabilities for the trick to work. But just in case take with the gun as well.
  • Then, you must get a car and go to the storehouse and load both the shotgun and the gun.
  • Now, go to the jewelry shop to brake in so as to get as much money as you can get.
  • Right at this moment you must active the bug or glitch.
  • You will do it by getting close to the wall right in front of the ramp. With the suit you wear and the shotgun in your hand you must look up and then take out and keep your shotgun over and over again.
  • By doing this you are going to go through the wall which will help you to get rid of the police and take the bounty with you.

As you can see the only thing you must do is to get close to the wall leading you to escape the police, look up, take you shotgun out and keep it many times. Just with it you will be able to go through the wall.

This is also useful when you are going to rob a bank or in any other situation your imagination leads to find yourself according to the situation you are facing at that moment.

Although it is possible that it does not come out at the first time, it really works! So do not stop trying it until you make it. You just keep practicing and you will become an expert going through walls.

So, no wall will be an obstacle for you to win in this game. Start playing and have fun going through walls.

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