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Best Roblox games 2020

It’s amazing to see how Roblox has grown rapidly since its release, even scrolling free games.

This is due to the combination of social networking and MMO-based video game platform that offers its users the opportunity to interact and play together.

It can be overwhelming how many games you will find available on the platform, but if you want to be part of those that are currently in trend, then you should know which are the best Roblox games in 2019 with which you will have many hours of entertainment guaranteed.

Mining simulator

Mining simulator is the ideal game for you if you’re the type of player who enjoys titles like Steamworld Dig and Super Motherload.

In it, your character will start with zero dollars and armed only with basic equipment consisting of a rusted pickaxe and a backpack, whose adventure will begin once you visit the local mission giver, after which you must participate in a couple of missions and dig for precious materials.

Ultimate Driving Series

Another on the list of the best Roblox 2019 games is Ultimate Driving Series, made up of 4 games, in which each makes available to you a vast world full of complex road networks, as well as a wide variety of cities to explore.

The dynamic of these games is that they act as life simulators, within which you can have the opportunity to get a job, make money, or acquire property and cars. A whole virtual life with many activities to do.

Welcome to Bloxburg

Another life simulator that is positioned in the list of the best Roblox games in 2019, in which, to participate, you must have an entry fee of 25 Robux.

After paying the fee, you may have the opportunity to visit a world full of tasks to do awaiting your arrival.

In Welcome to Bloxburg you will have to get a job and make money that you will later use to buy items that will allow you to build your house on an empty lot, for which you can invite some friends to help you with this task.

Work at a Pizza Place

Despite the short time this game has from being released, its success has been enough to be part of the best Roblox games in 2019, because, despite not possessing a combat dynamic, it is an interesting and fun role-playing game.

Here your character will have to work in a pizzeria, where he will be able to assume one of the available positions such as cashier, delivery man, pizza chef, pizza packer and supplier. For each job there is a tutorial so that you can familiarize yourself with the position obtained in just a few minutes.

Phantom Forces

Phantom Forces is one of the best first-person shooters who deserve a place among the best Roblox games in 2019.

This, because it has an arsenal of advanced weapons compared to other games of similar structure, loaded with a variety of maps, applying this versatility also in the different game modes it has.

In Phantom Forces you will find an entire active community supported by a group of developers whose effort lies in keeping the game updated for the enjoyment of players, making sure to always offer new content.


When you read the title, you are completely clear about the dynamic that awaits you once you start playing it.

Here, through your character, you must explore an extensive urban map made up of tall buildings, keeping yourself alive as the main premise while you try to collect shattered orbs distributed along the map and complete the fields.

In Parkour you’ll be able to level up as you accumulate orbs and complete courses on whose map, you’ll find different clues to beat.

Epic Minigames

Among the best Roblox games in 2019 Epic Minigames is one of the most fun to play.

As its name indicates, it includes a lot of mini-games in which its dynamics is composed of numerous situations that you must solve, either alone or as a team until you get the victory.

Some of them involve collecting more marbles than the opposing team, getting a crystal, stopping water leaks or cutting down a forest.

Mega Fun Obby

This huge obstacle race is one of the best Roblox 2019 games in which, once you start, you will find an extensive map made up of more than 1500 levels full of different obstacles, in which the quick reflexes and the correct jump sequences will represent the priority in the game, since, if you fall you will have to return to the beginning of the track.

The difficulty in Mega Fun Obby will present itself as you progress through the game which will surely increase your interest in continuing to play it.


As a combination of survival and multiplayer SharkBite is one of the best Roblox games in 2019, in which every player must avoid being the victim of a huge shark until the timer reaches zero or the animal dies.

For it, in SharkBite one of the players is selected to assume the role of the shark while the others will have to survive before him while threatening their lives, for which, in case of playing like survivor, you will have to choose a ship, taking into account that the faster ones have less resistance in health and the armored ones lack speed to flee from the shark.


Concluding the list of the best Roblox games in 2019 we have Jailbreak, one of the most popular of the platform considered a classic, where your character may have the opportunity to assume the role of police or criminal, which will determine his course of action within the game.

If you act as a criminal you will have to rob banks, escape from prison or provoke the police to start a chase.

On the other hand, as a policeman, you must simply catch the criminals, put them in prison and make sure they stay there.

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